The problem of Richard Feynman

Black soldier’s with Washington. September 1842 Samuel Mavericks slave at the Alamo was offered quarter but refused Joe Griffin. The Mexican calvery commander later described the feats of the “valiant black man”!
Memoirs of Mary A Maverick
Wife of Samuel Maverick Texas Ranger
Orderly to Colonel John Paterson” no army west of Boston was without a number of blacks ;well built husley fellows” !
August 29, 1778 Battle of New Port Blacks honored, Boothill ;blacks and Rhode Islanders saved the day.
Here is what you give black children, white heroism.
Hierarchical society ; obedience to your superiors.
The child who has never learned to act alone, to direct his own actions, to govern his own Will, grows into an adult who is easily led and must always lean on others. The school child being continually discouraged and scold,ends by acquiring that mixture of distrust of his own powers and of fears, which is called shyness and which later in the grown man, takes the form on discouragement and subversiveness, of the incapacity to put up the slightest moral resistance. The obedience which is expected in the child at home and in school- an obedience admitting neighter of reason nor of justice- prepares the man or women to be decile to blind force. The punishment, as common in school which consists in subjecting the culprit to public reprimand and is almost tantamount to the torture at the pilliory, fills the soul with a crazy unreasonable fear of public opinion, even of the opinion manifestly unjust and false. These adaptations and many others sets up a permanent inferiority complex, is born the spirit of devotion- not to say I idolatry-the leaders. …but often finds expression in brutality and cruelty.
Black kids are not taught the importance or honor, respect and more than not would not except these lies,because of your truth.

Galileo's Pendulum

Richard Feynman (1918-1988) Richard Feynman (1918-1988)

[Updated again — see note at end of post] Very few heroes can survive scrutiny unscathed. They all have flaws, by virtue of being human. However, hero-worship blurs those flaws,  leveling them: truly nasty aspects of a person’s personality or behavior become on par with little quirks and eccentricities. In that way, we justify our worship. If everyone is a little flawed, then it doesn’t matter if our heroes are too. Right? They’re only human!

But what if a hero was a sexual predator, someone who admitted to some really creepy behavior? What if this person also happens to be a Nobel laureate, a founder of a whole field of research, and an admirable thinker on a number of complicated topics? How do we deal with the two realities together?

In short, how do we cope with the problem of Richard Feynman?

Richard Feynman the…

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