Monsters in our midst

The mere fact that a man could be, under the law ; the actual master of the mind and body of human beings had as does have a psychotic deliberate even clearly insane disastrous effect. It tented to inflate the ego of most planters beyond all reason; they become arrogant to say the very least, strutting, quarrelsome kinglets ; they issued commands; they made laws; they shouted their orders; they expected deference and self-abasement ; they were choleric and easily insulated. Their” honor” became a vast and awful thing, requiring wide and insistent deference.


Author: jeremiah8777

I enjoy painting,drawing, hunting and fishing. I also enjoy collecting antigues, and i have a great alacrity for people. I love traveling being an ex merchant marine and exarmy and being a country boy love growing roses as a hobby. I enjoying growing flowers and having a garden, i am very clean natured. Thats my mom in me!

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