How say you

Two politicians were exchanging ideas regarding the rewards for public service. “The rewards that i most desire,”said the First Politician, “is the gratifying, is the gratitude of my fellow citizens. ” “That would be very gratifying, no doubt, “said the Second Politician, “but, alas! in order to obtain it one has to retire from politics. ” For an instant they gazed upon each other with expressible tenderness ;then the First Politician murmured, “God’s will be done! Since we cannot hope for reward let us be content with what we have. ” And lifting their right hand for a moment from the lottery fund and public treasury they swore to be content.


Author: jeremiah8777

I enjoy painting,drawing, hunting and fishing. I also enjoy collecting antigues, and i have a great alacrity for people. I love traveling being an ex merchant marine and exarmy and being a country boy love growing roses as a hobby. I enjoying growing flowers and having a garden, i am very clean natured. Thats my mom in me!

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