I am starting college at the age of sixtyfive, i politically support the people. I find political initiates to be for money and power first, family and nepotism next. I am also pro-America first, we have hungry families;homeless mothers,the elderly and run away kids on our streets here. We as Americans have a legacy for killing blacks and their kids and whites or released from all crime. The countries visited before and during war’s, whites has always degraded other races in America. Made white blond women as the supreme female, like during the period of claims of chivalry and the southern Bell. This other countries has been advised during WW1,WW11 and any and all war’s in foreign countries, whites do and has attempted to make themselves superior and dominated in America but they call on all races when international money not proud or honor is needed. Even today the military service is racist, 40% being from the poor south. Stating this will not have any effect of racism and murder here in America but the Vietcong and other races during that war would shout in the bush to blacks primarily, “why are you here black man, you should be home fighting. Same same you, same same me “and a white soldier would be shot. But the truth of this like in the east today, is expressed to vacationers. Kidnapped white blond kids and don’t be blue eyed as well, this is your white legacy that you have made not any other races ;you.


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