If you always do what you always done,you’ll get what you always got



Members of the Florida Legislature and law enforcement chief meeting a Cake of Soap passing by without recognition but the Cake of Soap insisted on stopping and shaking hands. Thinking it might possibly be in the enjoyment of election franchise, all gave a cordial and earnest grasp. On letting it go they observed that a part of it adhered to their hands, running to a brook in great alarm proceeded to wash it off. In doing so they necessarily got some on the other hand and when they had finished washing both were so white that they went to bed and sent for a physician.

How say you

Two politicians were exchanging ideas regarding the rewards for public service. “The rewards that i most desire,”said the First Politician, “is the gratifying, is the gratitude of my fellow citizens. ” “That would be very gratifying, no doubt, “said the Second Politician, “but, alas! in order to obtain it one has to retire from politics. ” For an instant they gazed upon each other with expressible tenderness ;then the First Politician murmured, “God’s will be done! Since we cannot hope for reward let us be content with what we have. ” And lifting their right hand for a moment from the lottery fund and public treasury they swore to be content.


A working couple on vacation here in Florida having returned from a fishing tour at the foot of Carnival Street about to walk to the hotel through the mud. “Madam and sir” , said a policeman, “I can’t permit you to do that ; you would soil your stockings and shoes. ” Oh,that is not important, really they said,” with a smile. But, sir/ madam,it is needless ; from the walkway to the hotel, as you observed, extended an unbroken line of prostrate Tampa Tribune newspapers men who crave the honor of having you walk upon them”. “In that case, ” they said, seating down and unzipping their tote bags, we shall have to put on our rubber boots.”

No honor

An inoffensive person walking in public was assaulted by a stranger with a club and severely beaten. When the stranger with the club was brought to trial the complainant said to the judge: “I don’t know why i was assaulted ;I have not an enemy in the world.” “That’s” , said the defendant, ” is why i struck him. ” Let the prisoner be discharged” said the judge” a man who has no enemies has no friends.  The court’s are not for such. “