Members of the Florida legislature and police chief meeting a cake of soap was passing it by without recognition, but the cake of soap insisted on stopping and shaking hands. Thinking it might possibly be in the enjoyment of elective franchise, all gave it a cordial and earnest grasp. On letting it go they observed that a part of it adhered to their fingers, and running to a brook to great alarm proceeded to wash it off. In doing so they necessarily got some on the other and when they had finished washing both were so white that they went to bed and sent for a physician.


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Monsters in our midst

The mere fact that a man could be, under the law ; the actual master of the mind and body of human beings had as does have a psychotic deliberate even clearly insane disastrous effect. It tented to inflate the ego of most planters beyond all reason; they become arrogant to say the very least, strutting, quarrelsome kinglets ; they issued commands; they made laws; they shouted their orders; they expected deference and self-abasement ; they were choleric and easily insulated. Their” honor” became a vast and awful thing, requiring wide and insistent deference.